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Cheers to Trusting the Process till the End!


May 5, 2020
by Kat

Life Hacks

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Exactly two years ago, I was notified I was accepted into the entry level masters program here at USC. It was not your typical acceptance though. I was waitlisted. I did not get to attend the Accepted Student Reception. I did not have much time before I had to give my two weeks notice for my full time job. During my time on the waitlist, I was stressed. Every morning I would wake up hoping to receive an email with good news. After I had received the email stating I was on the waitlist in February, I tried to stay positive. The Admissions team notified me that they do indeed use the waitlist and admit students. This gave me some hope, but as February, March, and April ended I was becoming pessimistic. But I told myself, “if it is meant for me, it will be.” I just had to trust the process.

As you can see… I was accepted!! Now came the next hurdle. I can relate to Kaho’s Blog Post about not feeling like I belonged in the program when I first started. I was battling between having just left a full time job, taking out loans to attend school, and finding it a bit difficult to find my own community within the program. I was not sure if I had made a mistake in coming to USC. I was starting to question how I would make it through my masters and finish it. I had to rely on my hard work and resilience. I just had to trust the process.

After opening myself up to my peers, seeking guidance from professors, and making myself known (see my previous post), I started to feel more at home. So much so that school became my second home. Acquaintances became classmates. Classmates became friends. And my friends are now my family. I could not have made it through my masters program without the support I received both in and outside of the classroom from my school friends and family. They have helped keep me accountable, flexible, and focused. They encouraged me, validated me, and reminded me why I started this journey. This is how I was able to make it through the #1 OT program in the nation! 50% hard work, 50% support. I doubted my ability to be successful at USC. But I found my community to help me make it through. I just had to trust the process.

This past semester was not the last semester of graduate school that I was anticipating. Some of my Externship opportunities were cancelled and others became remote. The last 6 weeks of class were online. And second year students recently found out that our second level 2 fieldwork will also be remote. Although this is disappointing and I am still in the process of grieving this loss of an in person fieldwork opportunity, I am once again trying to stay positive. These things have been out of everyone’s control. But the professors, staff, and fieldwork team have all been so supportive during this difficult time for students. I am not sure what this summer will bring. I will just have to continue trusting the process.

Class of 2020, we have come too far to give up. We are so close to the finish line. We need to continue relying on each other for encouragement. We need to keep pushing each other to be the best we can be. And most of all, we need to trust the process. Our hard work has brought us this far and it will continue to open doors for us.

Congratulations class of 2020! It was a pleasure being a student ambassador.

Fight On!!