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Informing a Precision Medicine Approach to Post-Surgical Flexor Tendon Rehabilitation Using Sonography

ReHaB Core ⟩ MSOP Lab ⟩

Principal Investigator: Sandy C. Takata OTD, OTR/L

Faculty Mentor: Shawn C. Roll PhD, OTR/L, RMSKS, FAOTA, FAIUM

Jul 2019 – Jun 2020

Total funding

The Judy Bell-Krotoski “Grab the Evidence” award is a competitive foundation award funded by the American Hand Therapy Foundation that supports basic research science and evidence-based studies in hand and upper limb rehabilitation. This award will fund a research study that optimizes functional outcomes for patients with surgical repair of flexor tendons by using sonography to view morphologic changes in the tendon during the early stages of healing. Achieving the aims of this research will: 1) establish sensitivity for a group of candidate sonographic biomarkers for monitoring successful healing and recovery following flexor tendon repair and 2) identify sonographic biomarkers that predict functional recovery and most easily distinguish patterns of healing following tendon repair. Identifying the most salient biomarkers related to function will be a critical step to understanding factors that promote tendon healing with safe and efficient recovery. Together, achieving the aims of this project will serve as a catalyst for driving advancements in knowledge and clinical practice for individuals with tendon injuries as well as serve as a foundation for future research to accurately evaluate and assess tendon healing and recovery.


Type Source Number Amount
Private American Hand Therapy Foundation 011414-00001 $6,350