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The Trouble with Hello is Goodbye


by Japeth

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I have spent so much time just thinking about how to start this blog post. I do not exactly know what to say, where to begin, or how to turn my thoughts into words . . .

My experience at USC Chan has been amazing. It was a joy meeting new OT friends, learning from world-renowned researchers and experienced faculty, and awesome staff! Coming to USC I brought so many practical questions with me, as well as goals and target learning outcomes; and honestly, transitioning from being a practitioner to becoming a student again was quite a bit of an adjustment to me. But I thank the entire Chan community for creating a place where openness, passion, and compassion are intertwined; USC Chan felt like home to me and it will always be home to me.

To my favorite cohort — you all will always have a special place in my heart. Thank you for a fun year!! I enjoyed every moment with you guys, from attending classes to having random korean bbq dinners! Some of your homes became our homes too (shoutout to Raffy and Lin!!!!) and I will surely miss trying out different food that you guys bring to class! Also, thanks to Dr. Ochi for leading the cohort and for guiding us since day 1!!

A collage of photos of the MA1 students

These photos were taken during the orientation, White Coat ceremony, and when we went to Dr. Ochi’s house for the Welcome BBQ Dinner. Time flies so fast when you’re enjoying!

A collage of photos of the MA1 students

I will miss walking around the campus with you guys! And if there’s one thing that could bind us all together, that is definitely food! (The photo on the top right was taken at Lin’s house when we went there to eat Taiwanese food that they cooked for us. Photo on the bottom left was taken when we went to Koreatown to eat seafood. Photo on the bottom right was when we tried Arabic food.)

To the amazing GI team — I have featured you in my previous blog posts and now I am featuring you again, and even if I were to write more blogs, I will never get tired of featuring you guys (cheesy I know LOL). It was a pleasure working with you all!! Your projects for Chan and for the international community are amazing.

A collage of photos of the Global Initiatives Team

No words can express how grateful I am to have worked with these amazing people! Here’s to more projects that aim to advance Occupational Therapy locally and internationally!!

To the best SA team — It was fun working with you in and outside of the office! Office hours did not feel long when we were at the office because you guys have so much to share and to talk about. To our boss, Kim, thank you for the opportunities you have given us! I will miss you, team!

Student Ambassador group photo

Student Ambassadors with Kim (Marketing head a.k.a big boss), Bianca (Events Coordinator), and Maggie (Events team member).

To these fellow Trojans who made sure that I am well and safe when I first got here — thank you so much for checking in always! I remember your overflowing support when I first applied to USC and I felt your excitement when my dream finally turned into a reality. I am lucky to have you guys. 

Student Ambassador group photo

On my left is Apple and on my right is Arielle; I met both of them during the WFOT Congress in South Africa and we became good friends. On the right most is Berry, who was one of my mentors back in undergrad in the Philippines and now my fellow Trojan!

To the Trojan friends I met outside of Chan Division — you guys made my year extra wonderful! I enjoyed every trip we did and every food we tried. I am proud to have friends like you who will surely become great researchers and health professionals!

To my friends from the MA2 program (especially Maggie, Calvin, and John Jae), and the OTD program (Michael, Emma, and Valentina) — You guys are awesome! Thanks for being an external source of happiness! I wish you good luck on your studies and professional careers!

USC Chan is a community where growth is fostered and a place where your potential is discovered. I am happy to be part of this community, now and forever. To everyone I met here, I will never regret exchanging our first hellos that led us to becoming lifelong friends. We may say goodbye for now, but I know we all can’t wait to say our next hellos.

I want to greet you all with “Mabuhay!”, a Filipino term that means “long live”. Mabuhay ka, USC (Long live, USC!) and Fight On, Trojans!