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Just a small town girl in a big city!


February 10, 2015
by Kristy

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As I have mentioned before I am from a tiny town in Northern Minnesota, no really it is SMALL!  I graduated high school in a class of 75 students.  Needless to say, Los Angeles is NOT small, so it was a big change for me!  With that said I take every opportunity to explore this amazing city and all it has to offer.  Now, it may surprise you that I have had the time to do and see so many things while I’ve been out here as I am a student in graduate school, but let me tell you — it is all about balance!  We need to engage in activities that are meaningful to us, ahem, our occupations 😊  I’ve received a lot of questions lately about what kinds of things I like to do around LA and if there is even time for them as a student.  It seemed rather fitting to compile some of the fun things to do! Now granted, I am by no means a local, but I do my best to explore!

Obviously there are the basics to do and see like sporting events, museums, and the beach, but there are tons of places to go hiking, always new restaurants (or hole in the walls) to eat at, and tv tapings to attend!  Here’s a compilation of some of my favorites!

Places to see in Los Angeles

Disneyland, Hike to Hollywood Sign, Santa Monica Pier and 3rd Street Promenade, Huntington Gardens, USC Division of OSOT, Tv Taping of Chelsea Lately, Malibu Beach, Tv Taping of Dancing with the Stars, Exposition Park

More places to see in Los Angeles

Los Angeles Zoo (new and old), Ellen!, Arts District, Rose Parade, Venice Beach, USC Football Game, Walt Disney Studios, Staples Center — Sports Events or Concerts, Hiking on Echo Mountain


Food galore, need I say more?

What are your favorites? Tell me if there is somewhere I need to go! Or let me know if you have questions of somewhere I have been!