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Capturing Memories ⟩
November 4, 2016, by Alyssa

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As an occupational therapy student, life is surely eventful! I find that my days are always spent socializing with others, whether it’s in the classroom with my professors, grabbing a coffee with my OT friends, working in the office with the student ambassadors, or eating dinner with my family. One of my favorite occupations, in addition to spending time with others, is to capture fun memories by taking photos! I take photos because I like to smile and share these memories with others. Here is a video of some of my memories that have been captured thus far this fall semester! Fight on!


Happy World OT Day! ⟩
October 27, 2016, by Alyssa

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Greetings! Hola! Bonjour! Ciao! 你好! Today we locally, nationally, and internationally celebrate our wonderful profession and all of the work that we do! Fight on!


Ellen Loves Occupational Therapy ⟩
January 12, 2016, by Ariel

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Hey guess what! Ellen Degeneres gave a shout out (and a whole lotta love) to occupational therapy on her talk show the other day.

Meet Ashlyn: Ashlyn works as an occupational therapist in one of the nation’s most poverty-stricken counties, and is making an amazing difference with her positive energy and generous spirit.

”. . . these kids make it so worthwhile. The best part of my job would have to be helping these kids and putting a smile on their face, knowing that I’m helping and making a difference. That is the most amazing thing.”

Happy Tuesday everyone!


Fine Motor Merriment! ⟩
October 1, 2015, by Ariel

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This week in Pediatrics, we created our very own Fine Motor Toolkits! This project was one of many interactive ways in which our teachers help us process the concepts we are learning in class. Our directions for the toolkit were to use our knowledge of pediatric fine motor skill development in order to create activities that could be used as therapeutic interventions. To do so, we addressed all kinds of potential developmental challenges that children with disabilities might be struggling with: grasp patterns (for writing), in-hand manipulation, finger strength, tool use, stereognosis (the ability to perceive objects by touch), and kinesthesia (the awareness of the movements of one’s body).

We went around and shared our ideas in class; I must say, I was very impressed! It was inspiring to see what everyone had come up with for their activities. I am so lucky I get to call these creative, talented, and intelligent people my classmates.

Here is a video of one of the Pediatric Fine Motor Toolkits born out of this assignment, created by Palita Joyce Thamparipatra!

Fine motor toolkit yarn


So you think you want to OT . . . ⟩
September 19, 2015, by Joe

Videos What are OS/OT?

So you think you want to OT . . . but you’re still trying to decide if it’s the right fit for you.

Check out some of these great resources on getting into OT:

The Many Faces of Occupational Therapists, a video from students at the University of British Columbia.

The Most Important Things You Need To Know About Becoming an Occupational Therapy Practitioner — A free ebook by Abby Brayton-Chung of OT Cafe and Christie Kiley of Mama OT (a graduate of USC!) that addresses many common questions about the profession, such as pursuing OT as a second career, deciding whether to become an OT or an OTA, and what OTs actually do in practice!

Resources for Beginning your OT Career from the American Occupational Therapy Association (AOTA)


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