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Chan Faculty/Staff Resources

Identity and Branding

Guidance for most USC-wide identity and branding issues is provided at, which should be seen as the definitive source. This page highlights a number of issues, and provides additional resources specific to USC Chan.

If you have questions about anything not covered here, or are looking for advice, contact Kimberly Kho, Director of Marketing and Student Recruitment.

To download templates provided on this page — typically, to your downloads folder:

  • Option-click (Safari or Chrome on Mac)
  • Right-click, then Save link as… (Chrome or Firefox on Windows)
  • Right-click, then Save target as… (Internet Explorer on Windows)

Business cards

There is only one vendor licensed to print USC business cards and stationery. Business cards are available to all USC Chan employees and OTD students and can be ordered by Sonia De Mesa. Examples for USC Chan faculty/staff and OTD residents are shown below (click/tap below to enlarge).

USC Chan business card

USC Chan business card for OTD resident


USC provides guidance on the content and presentation of email signatures. Click/tap the links below to see approved email signature examples for USC Chan staff.


Contact Kimberly Kho if you’d like a professional-quality headshot for use in any USC Chan work.


The following MS Word templates are approved for USC Chan correspondence.

Logos/Identity graphics

You can download the official USC Chan logo/identity graphics in various forms and color combinations. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click on the USC Chan logo. You’ll need to enter your USC NetID username and password.

Please note that per the USC identity standards, no academic subunits (labs, teams, programs, projects, etc) are allowed to have custom artwork or logos beyond the sub-unit wordmark. Review the Sub-Unit Guidelines for more information.


The following MS PowerPoint templates are approved for posters of work related to USC Chan.


The following MS PowerPoint templates are approved for presentation of work related to USC Chan.

Promotional materials

USC maintains a list of approved vendors of promotional and branded materials and clothing carrying USC names and trademarks.

Social media

If you maintain, or are looking to create, a social media presence for your work within USC Chan:

  • stay in touch with Kimberly Kho to make sure that your branding is consistent with the division’s identity;
  • also, make sure that Kim has access to any account logins; this is especially important as management of accounts moves from person to person, to make sure that access isn’t lost.